JenCo began a tradition of quality in the 1940's as Jenn-Aire, a small company in Indianapolis, Indiana, started by a man named Lou Jenn. It was Jenn-Aire who pioneered the industry's first spun aluminum exhaust fans over 60 years ago! A strong commitment to providing quality products and a dedication to serving the industry and the community quickly lead Jenn-Aire to become the industry's largest manufacturer. In 1960, Lou Jenn invented and patented the unique cooking stove that we all know today as the Jenn-Aire range. As a result of the company's success, a commercial division was formed called Jenn Industries to continue building fans while the stoves were constructed under the Jenn-Aire name. In 1978, the Carrier Corporation bought both divisions from Lou Jenn. Shortly after Maytag Corporation bought Jenn Industries and Jenn-Aire from Carrier who was bought by United, Technologies.
In 1988, Maytag retained the Jenn-Aire stove division but sold the fan division, Jenn Industries, to Snyder General, who changed the name to JennFan and moved the manufacturing plant to Snyder General and moved the manufacturing from Alabama to Jacksonville, Florida; three years after that JennFan was changed to the present day name JencoFan.
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